Who is this Kerrin person anyway?

Great question.

Mostly, I’m a multi-instrumental, do-it-myself-y, musician from Massachusetts. I make imaginative tunes and videos to go with them for the internet, but largely for myself.


Hi there - very nice to meet you if I hadn’t already had the pleasure. In so many words, I am a music-making, cat-loving, seemingly-Boston-accent-less Bostonian. At any given moment you may find me drinking tea, crying about movies I’ve seen a dozen times already, being painfully bisexual, or working on a cosplay. I like doing things myself, and dropped out of college to do just that.

You might notice I like to write music about evil twins, inanimate objects, and deadly game shows. I’d say this comes from having pretty nerdy, pretty musical background. My parents were in a band when I was little, so the house was always full of instruments and good tunes. Mix that with 9-year-old-me’s hard and fast descent into art, anime, video games, and web design, and this is what you get. But I shouldn’t brag about being sooo well rounded - I mostly just enjoy writing from the perspective of things and people that aren’t me because I get to work through my problems as if I’m helping someone else and tell a richer story I don’t get tired of.

I try not to take myself too seriously, so I keep my creative work somewhat lighthearted, too. I can write cute, whimsical songs about people dating zombies, but the lyrics are really about my time in an abusive relationship (see: “Contagious”). Being able to express my past pains with silly metaphors keeps it interesting, and there’s kind of a dramatic irony in it for me. But as a listener, you can take it either way you want - silly or serious. Or both. That’s really cool to me. That’s what’s cool about ALL music.

It should come as no shock to find I am influenced by musicians such as Jonathan Coulton and Julia Nunes. But if you’re interested to know what else I’m into, you can check out my spotify for some playlists. And - shameless plug - if you’re in a generous mood, becoming a cool cat grants you access to my big ol’ private collaborative playlist with the others. Sharing music is caring… music. I tried.

Anywho, back to work. It was nice talking at you for several minutes!

- K